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Alicia Keys Unveils New Serum + More Beauty Info

A new serum from Alicia Keys’ skincare brand, Keys Soulcare, is available now

Enter the year 2023 with a new addition to your skincare routine – this Soulcare Key turns into a multi-benefit Peptide Serum. Clinically proven to provide all-day hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a serum that is formed with a complex of skin-balancing polypeptides, sea bamboo and multi-weight hyaluronic acid ingredients. “It is my wife’s soul skin – it plumps, it hydrates and you can see the change immediately. I love it bigger, bigger,” reveals brand creator Alicia Keys. So, is this product the secret to mimicking flawless skin?

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Travel to Provence with a fresh rosé fragrance from Maison Margiela Replica

Picture this: It’s late summer, you’re spending your sunset daydreaming in Provence. The aromas of cassis liqueur accord, romantic rose, bergamot and patchouli fill the air around you. Well, back to reality – a new fragrance from the beloved Maison Margiela replica family has found a way to bottle that feeling and those notes. This new next-day fragrance follows the fragrance brand’s “memories in the scent” mantra by sweeping you away with a sweet spritz.

The newest anti-aging cream hits Sephora stores IRL

If you have checked out Fresh’s Black Tea Advanced Renewal Cream, we have good news. On December 30, the anti-aging cream can be tried in person at Sephora stores. Approved for all skin types, this cream is a lightweight blend of high-quality skin care ingredients such as plant-derived Squalene, Ceramide NP and BT Matrix™, another natural retinol that provides the same closing effect skin without adverse effects. After eight weeks of testing this product, consumers said that wrinkles are smooth, the skin is firmer and brighter. What’s not to like? Step up your cleaning game with the latest version of Glow Recipe

Mark your calendars, the Avocado Ceramide Control Cleanser is set to arrive at Sephora on December 27th. Packed with ceramides, prebiotics and postbiotics to strengthen the moisture barrier, this gentle cleanser is as gentle as a winter skin care product. ours. In addition, colloidal oatmeal and avocado work together in this cruelty-free product to deeply nourish the skin while hydrating and soothing the skin. redness caused by dehydration. 카지노사이트