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Here’s Why Nebraska Doctors Opposed The New Anti-abortion Bill

Sunday is the 50th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the now overturned decision that gave women federal abortion rights. Now, 50 years later, some Nebraska doctors oppose LB626, a bill introduced in Unicameral that would prevent abortions when heart activity is detected during the sixth week of pregnancy.

One common theme emerged from a conference held Sunday in Omaha attended by nearly 50 Nebraska physicians. Medical professionals came to say that the bill does not cover medical emergencies and nuances that occur during their work. OB-GYN Dr. Mary Kinyoun gave an example. “When a patient’s water breaks before conception, it can result in a baby that most babies don’t get,” Dr. Kinyoun said. “In addition, a pregnant woman can suffer from heart-breaking diseases. So I ask you, how far from death can we be as pregnant women are before life-saving abortion? »

Introduced in Nebraska’s 108th legislature was LB626, called the Nebraska Heartbeat Act. The bill targets doctors and their licenses if they perform an abortion at any time after six weeks, with some exceptions. “The three crimes are really rape, homosexuality, and mother rescue,” said President Joni Albrecht of Thurston. On January 11, several lawmakers joined Albrecht in favor of the bill. There is also Dr. Katrina Furth, who has a Ph.D. and neuroscience.

“The people of Nebraska are doing a great job in understanding the science that the unborn child is a human being who needs protection just like you and me,” Dr. Furth said. Opposing the bill at a conference Sunday, Nebraska doctors said reproductive health care is not black or white, highlighting the complexity of the decision.

Making it by the numbers in Nebraska. Some have pointed out how the bill could also drive away OB-GYN doctors in Nebraska, a state that already has a shortage of rural health care providers. Tyne Tyson is a medical student who says he is almost at the end of his training and ready to start his career in life. Tyson criticized the bill and the consequences doctors will face. “Why should I stay in a state that threatens to take everything away from me? All I want to do is my job. Giving my patients the care they deserve,” Tyson said.

Sunday’s meeting comes as the Nebraska Legislature will decide whether to ban abortions after six weeks. The first attempt by Sen. Albrecht did last year by two votes. Abortion is now banned after 20 weeks in Nebraska.

Future state lawsuits to restrict access to abortion will be on the U.S. Justice Department’s radar, DOJ officials said Monday as they announced the Biden administration’s role. Court decision. Roe v. Wade knockdown last year.

“It is clear that we are working hard to monitor what is happening in the state and the region, and given that many state legislators are returning to the session, we will continue to do so and monitor the law. any can be done that undermines the 카지노사이트 protection of the federal government. He was joined by Attorney General Merrick Garland to give a brief speech to reporters at a staff meeting, scheduled for the 50th anniversary of the Roe decision, which protected abortion rights across the country before the Supreme Court. -rescinded the decision in June.

Many states already have statutes of limitations and restrictions on documents that went into effect after the decision – although some have been held up in state courts and cases challenging them under state law. In the coming weeks, however, several state legislatures will meet for the first time since Dobbs’ law, and it is expected that anti-abortion lawmakers will extend the law in the process.

“Many of us fear that this decision will undermine reproductive freedom in the United States, that it will have an immediate and irreversible impact on the lives of people across the country and that colored people will have heavy weight.. And people with a lot of money,” Garland said. “Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.”