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The 5 Best Beauty Buys You Need Right Now

How many times has a friend introduced you to a new beauty product? Maybe it’s Giorgio Armani’s Silk Luminous Foundation, recommended for the feeling of weightlessness? Or have you heard that Creed’s Wind Flowers Eau de Parfum is the best perfume ever? United by a passion for what’s new, what’s different and what works, word of mouth is the best voice there is when it comes to beauty. From lipsticks and powders that last all day, to cleansers and moisturizers you can’t live without, now you can spread the word about your new collection. Are you ready to find out first thing? Look no further than our range of top-rated Harrods beauty products, chosen by aficionados – you, of course.

Something bright for the eyes

La Mer The Eye Concentrate, £195

You probably know that the skin around your eyes deserves a little attention. It is thin, dry and sensitive compared to the rest of your face. To give this area the attention it deserves, you’ll need an eye cream like The Eye Concentrate by La Mer. Packed with a triple dose of Miracle Kelp Broth and Lime Tea Complex, it’s no wonder that the nourishing water is so popular. Bathing twice a day will help stimulate the body’s collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

“It is light, not greasy and cool in application. It helped significantly reduce puffiness, prevent dark circles and really a pleasure to use.”

The Most Romantic Perfume

Penhaligon Halfeti Eau de Parfum, £185

If it is possible to push a deep and exciting feeling, then Penhaligon nailed it with Halfeti – a fragrance inspired by the historical city in Turkey. Mysteriously, Halfeti is the only place in the world where black roses grow, and this fascinating story lives on in all its fragrant forms. The fragrance combines notes of bergamot, rose and oud with unique spices and fruits to create a strong fragrance that lasts long after the night. “Halfeti is a beautiful perfume, I love that it is unisex and some of the base notes stand out differently depending on the person.”

The Overnight Wonder

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complexion Complex, £160

Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair – or ANR to its most loyal devotees – has been gracing the shelves of beauty products since 1982. Based on your research, you can see its ultra- hydrating and plumping, all thanks to a fantastic combination. of hyaluronic acid and Chronolux Power Signal technology – an innovation that encourages skin cells to renew themselves while you sleep. Top it off with your favorite night cream for the ultimate bedtime routine.

The Strand Strengthener

Oribe Gold Hair Repair & Repair Shampoo, £50

If you’re dealing with frizzy locks – whether it’s caused by a recent charging activity or excessive heat – Oribe’s indulgent Gold Lust Shampoo is ready to come to the rescue. It uses ancient healing oils to treat and protect each cuticle – including cypress, argan and maracuja – while using a skin bio-repair complex to soften the scalp. The result? Strong hair, healthy hair that is resistant to future damage – plus, if your test is good, its sweet fragrance alone is worth a try.

“This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used – no joke. It makes my hair really clean, shiny and with lots of volume.”

The Lash Lengthener

Mac Stack Mascara, £26

Looking for a modular volume to follow your lashes from day to night? With its lightweight, pliable formula, smudge-proof fusion fiber technology, and Superstack volumizing Mega Brush, MAC’s MACStack Mascara aims to make hearts flutter. Your review declares that its mission has been fulfilled – it creates a beautiful and beautiful appearance, while it fulfills its impossible promise. Try the slim, ultra-precise Micro Brush for a more subtle alternative.

“It’s easy to beautify – moving around the lashes without any effort. It lasts all day.