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Study Shows Canadians’ Mental Health Declines While on Vacation

Research from digital health platform Felix reveals the mental health challenges Canadians face while on vacation.

The report, released last month, found that one in four people say their mental health is getting worse these days as many people experience a mix of emotions. Felix’s chief medical officer, Dr Kelly Anderson, said the holidays were “a time to turn everything around”.

“We’re traveling, we’re not eating what we usually eat, it’s darker than usual.”

Anderson adds that some may feel lonely and isolated.

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The survey also found that depression and anxiety are the most common mental health problems, affecting 39% of Canadians. In addition, almost 60 percent of respondents said they would seek treatment or go more often if it were cheaper.

Olabiyi Dipeolu understood the need and inequality in access to work, that’s why he created This is a website that sells merchandise to raise money for mental health initiatives and charities. The platform also offers free mental health resources to its users. Dipeolu said: “Because of the history of Canada, some groups are isolated and they don’t have opportunities, either from the workplace or from different organizations.

Anderson says when it comes to dealing with your mental health issues these days, it’s best to stick to the basics. Some of his top tips include:

Take care of your physical health by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.
Pay attention to your social media consumption.

Consider contacting a friend or family member.
He says to try to meet people “face to face”.

“This type of connection, even if it’s short, can be really useful.”

If you or someone you know is in trouble and needs help, resources are available. In an emergency, please call 911 for immediate assistance.

Crisis Canada’s toll-free helpline offers 24/7 support at 1-833-456-4566. The toll-free Kids Helpline at 1-800-668-6868 has 24/7 support for youth and a crisis text line, which can be reached by texting HOME to 686868.

The non-profit HOPE for Medical Assistance provides 24/7 support for citizens at 1-855-242-3310. Online chat service is also available.

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Trans Lifeline operates a toll-free helpline for trans and people with questions at 1-877-330-6366.

Demand for mental health services has increased, pushing some providers to their limits

Psychiatrists say demand for their services has increased because of the epidemic, with long waiting lists, fewer affordable options and increasingly limited therapists.

According to a recent survey by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Ontario, a quarter of all people in Ontario needed mental health support in February, a significant increase from 9% of respondents. said that they have sought help in a similar election. from the meeting two years ago. Almost half of respondents to the February poll said their mental health had deteriorated since the start of the pandemic and almost a quarter said they had consumed too much alcohol, wine and tobacco than before the disease 온라인카지노.

What it does not capture, however, is the number of people who are turned away by a provider, either because the patient list is full or because the provider is full that day. . Several counseling centers and clinics in London, Ont., called by CBC News, have pre-recorded messages warning new clients of long wait times and late responses to their inquiries.

Increasing demand

Jordan Thomas, a social worker and clinical director of the London Center for Trauma Therapy, opened in October 2020 as the epidemic continues. Soon, it was flooded with customers looking for support they couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Infectious diseases and forced isolation and lack of access to fulfilling activities have worsened their already dire situation,” he said. “What we’ve seen is a lot of depression, a lot of frustration, powerlessness, lack of optimism about the future.”

“There has been a real increase in the number of people seeking mental health support.”

This increase is also seen in the number of people calling the CHMA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services Crisis and Support Line. The service saw a 26% increase in call volume in the first year of the disease, from 39,229 c.

He said, “You can only provide a good service if you take care of yourself, so as an employer, we really try to help people relax, help them and their schedule, if they are sick, let them stay at home,” he said. Mitchell said the pandemic is encouraging at first as it is forcing providers to find new ways to help clients, whether through virtual therapy or delivery to clients. hot food by the window.

“If it doesn’t stop, no matter who you are, what you do, or how strong you are, it’s going to take a toll on yourself,” she said. Now that the epidemic has largely subsided, Mitchell said inflation and rising living standards are starting to add to the growing list of factors that make people’s mental health worse.

“For some people it’s hitting them harder than COVID,” he said, adding that while he’s optimistic about the future, things could get worse before they get better. about the state of mental health in the country. “The real impact may take us a little while to see because people don’t spend days now,” Mitchell said.

“We’re being cautious in our predictions, but we believe that [the impact of the epidemic] will last on the mental health side for more than three years.

Legal Canada Online Sports Betting Sites in 2022

Sports betting is not only legal in Canada, but very popular. In fact, the stakes here are controlled by the local government. 

Since 1999, each state has determined who, where and who can gamble in casinos or bet on sports. For example, you can bet from age 18 in Quebec and from age 19 in Ontario.

Some states only accept out-of-state bookmakers, while in others private betting is also legal. Etc

There is serious competition between the best Canadian gambling websites. Everyone tries to get the player’s attention and they work hard for it.

This battle between betting operators and instant play casinos has made a large number of gaming options available to Canadians.

So let’s take a look at the best legal betting sites in Canada.

1. Elite sport

This betting company was founded in 1998 in Curaçao. It operates online under license from the Netherlands Antilles and serves customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

In March 2015, Pinnacle received a license from the Malta Lottery and Gaming Commission. The exact number of customers and employees of this company is kept secret.

But annual sales are estimated at billions of dollars. Pinnacle Sports has established itself as a bookmaker for big players and is popular all over the world.

The site is available in 19 languages. Pinnacle Sports is perfect for professional players who know how to win. This bookmaker has very low profit margins and very high maximum amounts. However, the downside is the small number of live events. 카지노사이트

2. 10 bet

10bet is a British gambling company founded in 2003. The company’s online activities are regulated by the Curaçao Gambling Commission.

10Bet accepts customers from Canada and the UK under the license of the UK Gambling Commission. Since the summer of 2016, 10Bet has been renamed and is aimed exclusively at UK players.

But it remains popular among Canadian gamblers.

3. Idol 365

This is one of the oldest websites among Canadian online casinos. Today, the betting site is one of the leading sites in the world, and according to some sources.

It is the largest online betting company in the world. It is mainly aimed at European players but has a large number of users from Canada.

In total, the company has licenses in eight countries, more than 5,000 employees. And a customer base of more than 53 million users.

Bet365 is also an official participant of many sports tournaments around the world.

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4. Game Exchange

Sports Interaction was founded in 1997 and is a well-known gambling company that has become the leading gambling provider in Canada.

The website also offers other gambling services and is one of the best instant play casinos in Canada. Sports Interaction is currently registered in Malta.

Operates under a Canadian license. This bookmaker offers a variety of betting options on casino games. Poker and North American sports leagues.

Sports Interaction offers good odds, great betting experience and reliable service. Covering all popular sports and markets, we offer our customers hundreds of events daily. The betting platform is user-friendly, fast, intuitive and efficient to set up and there are mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Read for more info.

5. Bodogo

Bodog Bookmaker was founded in 1994. It has a UK betting license.

Offers the opportunity to play at an online casino with a large number of slots.

Along with progressive jackpots, poker and other card games. Bodog Gaming Company’s main focus is on the UK and US markets.

The odds of major events are almost at the same level as the previous bets. Because of our focus on the US market, the prospects for basketball and tennis are slightly below average.

At the same time, there are often good offers for football, totals and handicap in non-top leagues.

Therefore, Bodog generally receives good feedback from customers.


Canada’s gambling industry is currently booming, but the laws governing gambling websites are quite confusing. There are tons of popular websites where players can place bets on their favorite teams and win real money.

It’s really hard to get permission for these platforms as the Canadian government is very cautious about gambling activities. This is the reason why some of Canada’s most popular bookmakers are registered in other countries. But it’s not a big problem. Any player can easily start betting on one of the best sites with just a few clicks.