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Top Poker Chip Tricks That Are Easy to Perform!

  • Some tricks might make you look like a magician
  • Practice makes it perfect with some tricks

Though the main role of the poker chips is serving as the game currency, they go way beyond that today which is why knowing some easy poker chip tricks can always make it better for you!

Gamblers are always fascinated by poker players who know how to use complex poker chip tricks. In fact, there are many different poker tips and tricks that you can find all over the internet.

And even if you prefer gambling at online casinos in the US, the best poker chip tricks are always fun to know.

If you enjoy playing poker and constantly try to learn how to improve your poker skills, you will most probably interested in these tricks.

Besides, no matter which poker variant you are playing, you can always show your chip skills. However, if you love USA online gambling sites, check out Intertops Poker where you can find the best USA online gambling odds and bonuses! 카지노사이트

Easy Poker Chip Tips – Standard Mix

Of all the simple poker chip tricks you can use, the standard shuffle is the simplest. You can also guess by name. You can learn how to shuffle poker quickly and easily by just learning the basics. And a little practice makes it perfect.

Have two relatively small stacks of 5 tokens each. It is better to select them with different values ​​and colors, because in this way you will know whether you are doing it right or not.

Next, place the piles very close together and stack them close to each other. The thumb and forefinger should hold one pile and the pinky and ring finger on the other.

  • Simple poker tricks
  • Do you know the trick
  • Thumb flip is not much more difficult than standard flip

If you enjoy watching poker movies, you’ve probably seen Solstice in the movies. Although not as complex as a shuffle, a thumb flip is slightly less straightforward than a standard shuffle.

First learn with 3 or 4 chips, then try increasing the number of chips. This is what you do:

Pick a stack of 3 or 4 poker chips and place them to one side between the first three fingers. However, your thumb should be on the chip from the opposite side. Then roll the first chip into the outermost pile. Then flip it over to the stack.

Knuckle Roll is easier than it looks

Among the easy poker chip tricks, tossing knuckles is one of the most popular chip tricks. This is also something you see in some movies that show how expertly the characters know the game of poker, so if you’re looking for some great poker chip tricks, try knuckle rolls. 바카라사이트

At first glance, it seems very complicated, so we usually use different tricks. But once you try it, you’ll see how easy it is. All you have to do is pick a poker chip and twist it with your finger.

Here’s how to get started: Take the tip and place it between your index finger and thumb. Then start turning it over and tap with the next finger. Try it once and you will see how easy it is.

Let Pinky rest in a wafer twirl

Slide rotation holds the edge of a stack of 3 slides. Here we use all fingers except the little finger. Here’s how it works: the bottom finger holds up all the chips, that’s the ring finger. And the chip in the middle stays there.

Once you’ve loosened the tip, you can rotate the bottom tip 180 degrees with your middle or ring finger. and balance the chip on your little finger at the same time. If you rotate the bottom chip all the way, you can remove two chips from the middle.

The trickiest part for everyone is trying to move the chip once it’s detached.


Prepare a suitable table for Chip Bounce

Next on our list of easy poker chip tricks is chip jumping. You need a proper poker table for this trick. This trick would be difficult to perform on a plastic or even wooden table. The results will not be very satisfactory.

Here, as the name implies, you have to do without a piece of felt. Then you simply drop it onto the stack of chips you’re holding. Chip jumping technique is also one of the simple poker chips that mostly revolve around training. The angle of the table is very important. The table should be small and very thin.

Impress everyone with discolored chips

Many poker players love this trick because it’s a great way to impress others around the table. Much of the movement is behind finger dexterity. So it’s a bit more complicated than other simple poker chip tricks.

You need to move your finger in a very smooth and balanced way so that you don’t feel how the tip has actually gone. You must balance the chips with your thumbs. 먹튀검증

And there should be no chips in your hands. He looks like a magician, showing poker players tricks rather than throwing chips into their hands.

Not for beginners: Spin and Bounce

Spins and bounces are also easy for poker chip tricks, but difficult for beginners. But if you can learn how to do it, it will look really weird. Simply squeeze the chip between your thumb and fingers. Then spin the chips in the air and put them back down with the same hand. When you see this trick, you might think it’s very easy to do. However, I’m sure it will take you some time to master the skill.