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Which Mobile is Better in 2022? Android vs. iPhone

The debate between these two phones continues today.

The advancement of iPhones and Android smartphones is causing a conflict between Android and iPhone in 2022. With every new model released, many discussions and debates arise whether Android or iPhone is the best buying option for you. – And that’s why the cold war between these two big mobile developers Refeyim doesn’t seem to end any time soon. Are you also confused about choosing the right one between Android and iPhone? Then, at the end of this article, you will have detailed information about mobile phones running on Apple iOS and Android from Google. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the world of Android and iPhone –

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History of Android Phones

Android phones run on the Android operating system, which is a mobile operating system. It started in October 2003 when Andy Rubin founded Android Incorporation in Palo Alto, California, USA. Later, on August 17, 2005, Google acquired Android Incorporation. Since then, it has been under the auspices of Google Incorporation. The current Android Incorporation staff are Andy Rubin, Chris White, Rich Miner, and Nick Sears. Even in the early days of society, Rubin said-

“Android Inc was going to develop smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences.”

Android OS was designed to run the digital camera operating system, but later it changed to smartphones, seeing the business advantage of Android phones. The name Android was born from the nickname of its founder Andy Rubin who had a great love for robots. In 2007 the development of the Android operating system was announced by Google and in 2008 HTC released the first Android phone. Now, some of the Android phone manufacturers and their market share are as follows:

Samsung – 42.5%
Huawei – 12.9%
Xiaomi – 8.6%
Oppo – 6.6%
Vivo – 4.2%
Realme – 1.1%
Lenovo – 1.0%
Sony – 1.0%
Amazon – 0.9%
Amlogic – 0.9%
Asus – 0.9%
Tecno Mobile Limited – 0.7%
Itel – 0.5%
HTC – 0.5%
About Android phones
Developer – various, mainly Google and Open Handset Alliance
Internet Browsing – Google Chrome (other browsers available), and any other browser application can be set as default
Web mapping service – Google Maps
Video Chat – Google Duo and other apps
Virtual Assistant – Google Assistant
Latest version: Android 12 released on October 4, 2021.

History of iPhones

iPhones are made and marketed by Apple Inc. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, when Steve Jobs announced it at a MacWorld event.

After the first generation of iPhones, many new hardware devices with new versions of iOS have arrived since then. They integrate software from Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. So far, Apple has offered 13 generations of iPhone models. Now, let’s see the different generations of iPhones that have been launched so far –

The first Apple iPhone (2007)
Apple iPhone 3G (2008)
Apple iPhone 3GS (2009)
Apple iPhone 4 (2010)
Apple iPhone 4S (2011)
Apple iPhone 5 (2012)
Apple iPhone 5C (2013)
Apple iPhone 5S (2013)
Apple iPhone 6 (2014)
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (2014)
Apple iPhone 6S (2015)
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (2015)
Apple iPhone SE (2016)
Apple iPhone 7 (2016)
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2016)
Apple iPhone 8 (2017)
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (2017)
Apple iPhone X (2017)
Apple iPhone XR (2018)
Apple iPhone XS (2018)
Apple iPhone XS Max (2018)
Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12 (2020)
Apple iPhone 13 (2021)
Apple iPhone 14 (2022)
About iPhones
Manufacturer – Apple Inc.
Internet Browser – Safari (other browsers are available but not the default)
Web Map Services – Apple Maps, available from iOS 6 (Google Maps is also available as a separate app download)
Video Chat – FaceTime (Apple devices only) and other apps
Virtual assistant – Siri
Latest iOS version – iOS v15 which was released on September 20, 2021. Now, as you are well aware of the history behind the iPhone and Android smartphones, let’s now do a review of the two heroes on different bases –

1. Android Vs. iPhone Based on Performance

It may seem that iPhone has inferior hardware compared to Android phone with less RAM, lower resolution screen, but that is not true when it comes to actual performance. -But the reason for this is the proper optimization of iPhones from its own system that does not need a lot of storage RAM because of its efficient channeling. Some iPhones may have lower resolution, but they offer full pixel density. The lower resolution also plays an important role in seeing less work for the GPU which reduces battery drain. Also, Apple manufacturers are becoming more powerful as 온라인카지노 even mid-range Android phones have octa-core processors and better hardware configurations. But the main advantage of Apple remains, that is, the optimization of the operating system. So, on paper, Android may be better, but when it comes to execution and performance, Apple is still limited.

2- Android Vs iPhone for Price Reasons

When it comes to price comparison, Android is the hands down winner. Even all the devices and accessories made by Apple are more expensive than its competitors.

Apart from the highest performance, the Apple phone is also considered as a status symbol, and even the first or second model costs more than the Android phone. So, if you are looking for a cheap smartphone, choosing an Android phone will be the best choice for you.

3- Android Vs iPhone in Terms of Software Updates

iPhones receive 5 years of OS updates after each iPhone is released. This plays an important role in the slow death of Apple devices. Due to this automatic software installation, iPhones do not experience any performance degradation. On the other hand, Android phones are relatively slow when it comes to software updates. Even the flagship Android models are getting two updates for their operating systems. So generally, if you want better software updates for your device, you should go for iPhones.

4- Android Vs iPhone in the Field of Camera

Another area in which to compare Android and iPhones is the quality of the camera. iPhones are considered best in class when it comes to their camera quality. However, many Android smartphones also offer cameras with such quality. So, the flagship models of these two heroes have premium cameras, you can’t decide which one is better. But the camera quality of Android phones is lower and the budget is lower than that of budget iPhones. Overall, when it comes to cameras, the match between Android phones and iPhones is pretty good.

5- Android Vs iPhone in the Security Department

Again, this is one thing where the comparison of these two famous heroes is even more beautiful. Previously, if we were not doing this comparison in 2022, then we would have said that Apple is the winner here, but now, with various security updates from Google, Android phones have become better in security them.

Google is increasingly concerned about adding new measures to protect your data and information, and the Google Play Store isn’t quite right now. The inclusion of features like sandboxing, Google Play Protect and two-step verification along with more controlled app permissions make Android phones more secure.

Apple is always considered the best when it comes to security. With iPhones, users get constant updates for their devices in Apple’s closed environment that is impossible to break into. Besides that, Apple also provides completely secure app store, so iPhones are hard to hack. So, when it comes to security, both Android phones and iPhones are considered very secure.

6- Android Vs iPhone Based on Profit and Resale Value

You can find a wide variety of options at affordable prices on Android phones, but when it comes to offering value, iPhones are the winners. Even iPhones offer better resale value compared to their Android counterparts. So, in the long run, you can find your iPhones more useful and useful. The kind of OS optimization that iPhones integrate makes them faster and more powerful, and iPhones get regular OS updates. All these features make iPhones appear in the future. This is why even second hand iPhones sell for higher prices than Android smartphones.

So, if you are looking for a durable and value for money flagship phone that can give you a good deal, iPhones are the best choice for you. If you are not looking for OS updates and are looking for a budget or mid-range phone, Android phones will serve you well at a very affordable price.