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Ministers of Education Nick Gibb and Robert Halfon Are Back.

It is understood the two will return to their old roles after new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced plans for a British Bachelor degree.

Former schools minister Nick Gibb and education select committee chairman Robert Halfon are returning to the department for education

Gibb was the education minister for the past decade before being sacked by Boris Johnson last year.

Halfon is also well known in the industry for serving as the Chair of the Academic Select Committee since 2017. He was the Minister of Arts for a year before that.

Both returned as ministers of state. Their work should be prepared in the coming days. Sexual Education Included

School Week understands that Gibb will be returning to school, with Halfon taking on short-term arts coverage, an area he has been an advocate for. DfE sources have said that current Schools Minister Jonathan Gullis and Arts Minister Andrea Jenkyns have resigned, but there has been no official confirmation.

No nominations have been made for the post of children’s minister, currently held by Kelly Tolhurst. It comes as new prime minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly planning education reforms, including a new ‘British Baccalaureate’, which will require children to study more subjects in post-16 education, as well as English and maths. 에볼루션게이밍

He will also announce plans for a network of prominent tech companies, the Times reported. However, there is little time to make such a change before the next election in 2024. Although Halfon has supported calls for a UK Baccalaureate, the proposal would not sit well with Gibb’s traditional education views. 카지노사이트 The appointments show a change in experience within the ministry, whose ministers under Liz Truss have little experience both as MPs and at executive level.

Gibb said he was “honoured to be asked by the Prime Minister to return to the DfE.” Hoping to help understand the Prime Minister’s ambitious plans for high standards in schools and world-class education.

Halfon also said that it is a privilege and “looks forward to working with his colleagues to implement the Prime Minister’s exciting education and skills program to ensure that every student can improve the level of education. “

Former Arts Minister Gillian Keegan was appointed Education Secretary yesterday. He said today that it was a ‘privilege… As a former teacher and former minister, I know that education is important to improve opportunities and help people build their lives. the life they want. A Dealer and Two Players Caught Cheating at Blackjack!

“By helping with child care and helping children in detention, improving school standards and giving young people and adults the skills they need to get great jobs.” “I look forward to joining our wonderful schools, schools, colleges, universities and all the staff who work in our department.”

It will now be necessary to appoint a new chairman of the education committee to replace Halfon.