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China Requested Vaccine Technology Disclosure, but Moderna Declined

Oct 1 (Reuters) – Moderna Inc ( MRNA.O ) has refused to hand over intellectual property in the development of its COVID-19 drug to China, leading to a breakdown in talks to sell it there, the report said. . Saturday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based pharmaceutical company has rejected China’s request to hand over instructions for its anti-mRNA drug due to commercial and safety concerns, the newspaper said, citing people involved in the talks. was made between 2020 and 2021, adding that the vaccine maker is still keen to sell the product to China. The company “abandoned” its first attempt to enter the Chinese market due to China’s desire to hand over technology to it as a basis for sales in the country, according to the report.

Moderna did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment. 카지노사이트

China has not approved any foreign COVID-19 vaccines and relies on several domestically developed shots.

In September, Moderna Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton had said the company was keen to collaborate with China on supplying its mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines to the country.

“We would be very interested in working with China if they feel there is a need for vaccines there,” Burton said at a press conference for journalists in Asia. “Right now there’s no work going on, but we’re going to open it up a lot.”

Vietnam reports the first case of monkeys – state media

A Chinese official warned against touching strangers after the trial

A Chinese health official has warned residents not to touch people they used to know, a day after China recorded its first outbreak of monkeypox. In a post on Weibo, China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) epidemiologist Wu Zunyou advised against “skin-to-skin contact with strangers.”

The message sparked controversy, with some calling it racist. Do not respond to the original notification from the platform.

“To prevent possible infections and as part of our healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to 1) not have skin-to-skin contact with strangers,” Wu wrote on his page on Saturday. Weibo. In addition, he called on residents to avoid skin-to-skin contact with recent travelers who have returned from abroad in the past three weeks as well as foreigners.

He posted the comments a day after the southwestern city of Chongqing reported its first case of sunstroke in a foreigner. It is not known whether he is a Chinese citizen or a foreigner. 5 Reasons Why People Love Online Casinos

The news, which was widely shared on social media over the weekend, drew critical comments on Weibo. “It is inappropriate [to say]. At the beginning of this epidemic, some foreigners stood up and [defended us] saying that Chinese people are not infected,” one netizen wrote. “How racist is it? What about people, like me, who lived in China for almost ten years? We haven’t seen our family for 3-4 years because of the border closure,” wrote another Weibo user, who looked like a foreigner.

China has imposed some of the toughest Covid measures in the world since the start of the pandemic, including rapid lockdowns, border closures, mandatory testing and travel restrictions. What is monkey pox and how is it caught?
WHO announced the highest level of meat pen
The monkeypox virus, which is caused by close contact with infected people, animals or contaminated equipment, usually causes symptoms such as fever, headache and nausea. About 90 countries where monkey pox is not thought to be contagious have declared an outbreak of the virus, which the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency.

There have been more than 60,000 confirmed cases and some disease-free countries have reported their first affected deaths.