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3 Key Operational Benefits Gained From Staffing Technology

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Millions of dollars in in-house revenue have increased in recruiting as home owners and operators plan for the coming year. But as they climb the ranks and turnover grows, the burnout of an understaffed care team poses a threat to care quality and outcomes for the foreseeable future. However, there is a solution.

By implementing user-friendly cycling tools to create a collaborative workforce and workforce planning strategy, survival teams will see an immediate impact in three key work areas:

  • Numbers
  • Income
  • Cost of labor

To get the best results in these areas, owners and operators must first get the best mix of employees in their company.

Use technology to build the right workforce

For most senior providers, the optimal staffing mix is ​​between 80% and 90% full-time staff, with floating staff under service management for 10-20%. the remainder. But many workers don’t get this balance because of the ongoing workforce changes in today’s retirement industry. Providers are turning to technology to unlock this optimal combination, often following a driving model. Similar to how ride-sharing companies connect car riders with nearby drivers, senior citizens communities can now use apps to connect to their local floating pools. “With technology like this, you know there’s a high probability that the nurse will show up and not call,” said Matt McGinty, chief financial officer of the technology company. of Quincy-based IntelyCare. Massachusetts says. “Suppose it’s up to you. Your manager doesn’t need to be on the phone, your manager doesn’t want to be on the phone. Six mental health tips for Indian millennials that really work

Using vehicle-like technology, senior living communities can connect with licensed nurses and other professionals while creating a floating pool of employees tailored to their needs and specifications.

Using IntelyCare, operators can specify what training employees need to complete before a shift, schedule specific employees within a specific time frame, and even draw employees from a pool. on the water to full-time employees. A good combination of helpful staff:

3 points worth

The best employee mix offers great benefits to seniors working life. This is three. Numbers. Communities can accommodate residents if they can safely care for them. Retirement providers who are active in creating floating pools can maintain and operate the scale, without the interruptions that are common to communities that turn to corporate jobs as a last resort when they are in dire straits.

Income. Emergency medical care facilities lost between $ 2,330 and $ 5,882 per day in 2022 due to unfilled beds and unemployment problems, according to data from Oliver Wyman. Where workers are in place to support higher rates, income increases are common. This leads to a stable workforce with a stable employee mix leading to a healthy income that supports salaries and benefits to maintain a strong work environment. 카지노사이트

Cost of labor. Still facing the shock of the industry’s hourly rate sticker, seniors in the workforce are understandably struggling to get 100% full-time employment. But data from Oliver Wyman shows that finding a full-time maintenance worker can cost companies up to 33% more per hour than finding a casual worker. This is because of the “everything” cost for FTEs, including benefits, retention money, and continuing education.

The best employee mix allows for cost savings in common labor costs to improve volume and revenue, alleviating stress on regular employees. This should improve retention and reduce recruitment and onboarding costs.

Benefits of IntelyCare

Platforms like IntelyCare provide providers with transparency and cost control, so seniors can be assured of fair rates. These accolades set IntelyCare apart from the recruiting industry, McGinty said.

“We think of ourselves as a technology company, we don’t think of ourselves as a company,” he says. The disruption of healthcare workers is real, but technology exists to put workers back in control of their work. As the aging industry continues to be under tremendous pressure, now is the time for providers to find solutions that allow for greater financial stability without compromising quality of care.

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