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7 Jobs Where the Pay is Exploding

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The median salary for an online marketing manager is $117,960, according to CareerCast. In 2013, it was $88,249. Many occupations with rapidly rising wages have good hiring prospects.
Are you in the office? You have to negotiate to get this salary increase.

It can be useful to have a long-term view of salary expectations in your field. In-demand jobs such as software developers, medical assistants and online marketing managers have seen significant increases in median salaries in recent years, according to a new report from the CareerCast site. (See the full list of jobs with the fastest salary below.)

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“The number of high-paying jobs and highest-paying jobs is not one [and] the same thing,” CareerCast online content editor Kyle Kensing said in the report. “Occupations with high entry-level salaries do not increase significantly from mid-level salaries to the highest levels.” Teacher Training Programs Are Desperately Looking for Students

Of course, just because salaries are rising fast in your field or profession doesn’t mean you’re ready to take advantage as a new or first-time employee.

“If you’re already employed by a company or organization, they won’t give you a big raise unless they think they will,” says business consultant Dorie Clark, author of “Entrepreneurial You” said.

One way to take advantage of the rising wage trend: get back to looking for work. You may find another opportunity worth taking or you may be able to turn the offer into a promotion with your current employer, Clark said. Scripps Spelling Bee Betting Guide

“It’s a tool you have to use wisely,” he warned. “You can’t always go to your boss with a competitive offer, to increase your salary.”

This will not go down well – and may backfire, forcing you to accept the job even if you would rather stay in your current job. 카지노사이트

Workers in fields with rapidly rising wages should also explore the landscape to see what other skills and qualifications drive salary increases, Clark said. Getting a leader or getting a valuable certification can be a simple issue in the discussion about compensation.

“The boss doesn’t want to give you a raise because you think you deserve one,” Clark said. “You get promoted by making yourself useful to the company.”

COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST$87,220$79,14557.9%21%
ONLINE SALES MANAGER$117,960$88,24942.7%5%
PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT$101,480$89,09740.1%30%
SOFTWARE DEVELOPER$102,280$92,82054%17%