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Ashton Kutcher and Other Celebrities Join the New York City Marathon

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The iconic TCS New York Marathon returns for the 51st year on Sunday, November 6, with 50,000 runners running the 26.2-mile course. In addition to attracting dedicated recreational runners, the race also regularly attracts professional athletes, television stars and celebrities from all walks of life. This year’s marathon will feature many familiar faces, including Ashton Kutcher, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ star Ellie Kemper, ‘The Walking Dead’ actress Lauren Ridloff, ‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman, and many others. For many stars, the race is an opportunity to put their running skills and endurance to the test while raising money for charity. Kutcher will compete to raise money for Thorn, a nonprofit he founded with Demi Moore in 2012 to help prevent child abuse. When It Comes to Diamonds, Celebrities Make Them Different.

For celebrities like Schulman and former football player Tiki Barber — who is returning for his eighth New York City Marathon — it’s teams like the NYRR Team for Kids that keep them lacing up their sneakers. Other celebrities will support charities such as Cancer Support Community, Boston Children’s Hospital, Women’s Sports Foundation, and others.

There are several ways to qualify for the marathon, which is held in honor of first responders, veterans and their families. You can earn a bib as a time qualifier by running a marathon or half marathon faster than the time posted on the New York Road Runner website. 카지노사이트

Maturity standards vary by gender and age. As part of the TCS 9+1 program, aspiring racers can also host nine NYRR races and complete a volunteer opportunity through December 1. 31 to qualify for next year’s tournament. Runners can also participate by entering the race for unofficial entries, or by registering with an NYRR charity or international travel agent. Check out the full list of celebrities participating in this year’s marathon — including “The Bachelor’s” Matt James and journalist TJ Holmes — ahead.

A-Listers Ashton Kutcher, Tiki Barber in training for the NYC Marathon

Ashton Kutcher poses alongside Thorn CEO Julie Cordua before a marathon training run for their organization

You’re not kidding: Ashton Kutcher is running the TCS New York City Marathon.

It is among the many bold names registered for Nov. The sixth round, including former Giants running back and current radio personality Tiki Barber; Nev Schulman, host of MTV’s “Catfish,” and TJ Holmes of “Good Morning America.”

“I think this is my only chance to beat Ashton Kutcher,” Schulman told the Post.

“He’s going, because he’s the type of guy, once he gets into it, he’s going to jump,” Barber said of Schulman. Radio host WFAN will host the five-zone, 26.2-mile race for eight seasons.

“I’m glad I got out [of the NFL] with a good joint and a good knee,” Barber said. -ADVERTISING-
His first marathon in New York was in 2015. “I did it not really knowing how to train, and I sucked,” he said of his first time of 5 hours and 14 minutes. “I said to myself, I’m not going to do that again because it hurts. But I say, as runners will tell you, as soon as you finish one, you tell yourself, when is the next one?”

“The 47-year-old’s life has been a mess” with his work as a sports analyst and host of the “Tiki & Tierney” show – as well as his commitment to his wife, Traci Johnson, and six children. As a result, his training schedule, which his fans can follow on the Strava running app, is less serious, and he only does long runs rather than short ones.

He will run for KultureCity – a non-profit organization that works for attention for people with conditions such as autism – and during training he has a runner with his dog CJ, Saluki. He will travel about four miles [450 km] to him, and I will bring home and turn my speed, “he said.

Schulman, he who conducts his sixth son, Laura Alllongong, can find it in DownPon Street “their three children. “We love it,” said the Brooklyn resident. “He’s better than me.”

The Upper West Side native, 38, has a special connection to running as his father takes him and his brother to the finals every year. That’s why he wanted to see only one person when he finished – his father, who lived near the end of the race, on West 68th in Central Park. “That’s all I really want,” he said. This is the first marathon for Holmes, who said he has GMA co-host Amy Robach to thank for his increased interest in the entertainment.

“I’m always running. . . but he gave me the opportunity to find out my time and my eyes,” he explained.

A resident of the financial district, Holmes gets up around 4 am, but if he was replacing Michael Strahan, he would wake up as early as 2 am – to run before work. “I would run down the West Side Highway through Battery Park in total darkness,” he said. “But they still think I’m crazy.”