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Blackjack insurance is one of the most common topics that players are interested in. We have therefore decided to offer our intended share of blackjack insurance. Find out the importance of it, its rules when it should come out and whether it is worth playing.

There is a good reason why blackjack insurance has become popular, because paying this type of bet is very attractive. It usually aims to reduce the financial consequences of something bad that happened. For example, we pay health insurance to 안전한카지노사이트 cover the cost of a hospital visit. We also pay for car insurance to cover the cost of an accident.


Does blackjack insurance have the same logic? Honestly not and it’s very different. Therefore, you should read this part. However, if you are new to blackjack, we recommend that you first review our live casino blackjack guide and the best dummy blackjack strategy. Okay, let’s explain the concept of blackjack insurance.

What is Blackjack Insurance?

This is a special bet, for example online casinos in Canada offer players a kind of side bet. It is usually half the original bet and pays 2 to 1. This is a great offer for more advanced players 메리트카지노 because they know the basic strategy and card counting. In some situations, blackjack insurance can help increase a player’s chances and increase the game’s profitability.

Blackjack insurance rules

Look at the rules of blackjack insurance, it is offered only if when all the cards are dealt, the dealer has an ace that appears as his first card. In addition, the player must have a good combination of 15 or more. In addition, pay 2 to 1 of the original bet when the dealer turns over his second card and it turns out to be about ten picture cards, so blackjack.

Example explanation

Let’s say you place the original $ 10 bet. The dealer then places the card face up on the ace. Then take out in surance. That should be half the original bet, which means $ 5. If the dealer has blackjack, you can win $ 10 in insurance, but you can also get your $ 5 insurance bet. At the same time, you will lose your original $ 10 bet if you do not have blackjack.

Blackjack insurance explained

Honestly, with insurance you pay $ 15 and get your $ 15 back. That you will come out even if there is no loss or victory. However, there may be other blackjack in surance options 카지노사이트. If the dealer does not have blackjack, you will lose your $ 5 insurance bet and the hand will remain normal. Simply right!

When to take out insurance?

The question is difficult to answer. However, it should be noted that the dealer usually does not have blackjack. This means that you are more likely to lose blackjack in surance. However, if you are sure that the dealer’s second card will give you blackjack, then this is the best time to insure blackjack. If these requirements do not exist, it is better to hold your hand as usual and avoid taking out insurance.

Is Blackjack insurance worth it?

Well, it’s not like health in surance or car-wise. Sure, it can be helpful if you’re lucky, but it has its drawbacks. So if you think about it for a long time, it could cost you. In other words, if the casino offers you 100 times and you take it every time you end up with some money in your bank accounts.

You may remember that the dealer has only a 30% chance of having ten or one photo card. That’s why online casinos pay you 2 to 1, which means 50%. This gives the casino a 20% home advantage.

Our judgment on special bets

Canadian online casino news experts do not recommend taking out blackjack in surance unless you are a card counting professional. Therefore, it is better to avoid this if you are not a capable player. But if you want to try this idea, you can check out our 888casino review as one of the best online casinos offering blackjack tables.

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