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Finance Transformation Lead: Tax & Treasury

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Finance Transformation Lead: Tax & Treasury

Job Description

We are News UK, a company full of talented, dedicated and creative people. We are an ambitious, growing company with a passion for storytelling, capturing moments, meaning and magic to make the world’s minds shine. Our newspapers reach over 30 million people every week and include The Sun, Times and Sunday Times. News UK is also the home of the airwaves, the largest British and Irish media company providing radio stations such as talkSPORT, Virgin and talkRADIO and Times Radio. This role is part of the News UK Finance team and is based in Peterborough in partnership with our London head office, as well as people from other financial groups around the world including Dow Jones and News Australia.

Your role:

This role is a unique opportunity to work leading a financial system transformation project. News UK invests and changes the nature of our financial system. Not only will we be moving our core ERP system to S/4 HANA, but we will be implementing other new systems, including those for procurement, work in progress, and other miscellaneous services. separate. As a Financial Exchange Manager – Tax & Treasury (T&T), your role will be to lead the T&T operations process as News UK works on its financial systems programme. This process will be responsible for ensuring that the new S / 4 system is working for our tax and deposit products, including everything in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for asset forecasting in TM1 if required him. You will be responsible for:

Direct system of employment systems and bank:

  • A brief amount of money
  • Prophecy of -lo -lo
  • Bank and bank
  • Manage taxes (for example)
  • Managing the taxes of the company, including the use of recorders in Britain and Americans, and statements of money
  • Understand and write our taxes in equipment
  • Works on performance levels to design new steps fit in the future and provide value in the money and pass
  • Working with all the necessary business to ensure that the requirements are introduced and spent in the intention of detail
  • If necessary, challenge the company in “the term” system “to help make the work and performance, shop the” processing way “
  • Supports the team by change, and many new operating systems of work, guaranteed preparation in this location – including earlier, during
  • Work in the implemented side of the incident (is) to build the requirements and the design of the new system and a good process
  • The external relationship to ensure interfaces between S / 4 HANA at the beginning of important data (for example, the bag, etc.
  • Works with support and companies to ensure that the test is completed and signed all
  • Plan the job plan and see the equipment, the end of the end, when it is handed for T & T work
  • Discover the accident and opportunities for your work, but beforehand time or during the implementation as they arise
  • Prepare the publications and contributes to the organization of salvation at the Board Board of News UK, which include CFO MODE CHILDRENCE

All trucks will work together in one, by a tail, to provide this program. This means that there can be any time when everyone will take care of other services in the Times Times. What we expect from you:

We are looking for an ACA/ACCA/CIMA (or equivalent) qualified person with extensive experience in front of the qualification, and preferably with experience using SAP 카지노사이트 or other financial systems. Some of the skills you will need include:

  • Experience in process planning, updating and automation
  • Skilled in developing relationships with people at all levels of the organization
  • Proactivity to curiosity; anticipate problems, challenge, ask the right questions and give answers instead of waiting for questions
  • Willingness to continue to support the business, develop your knowledge and network to make this possible
  • Expert analysis so they can choose between things to get to the root of the problem
  • Calm under pressure and ability to solve problems professionally in unpredictable situations
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and effective time management and prioritization

What is it for you?

A unique opportunity to work leading to the introduction of a flexible financial system

Exposure to UK News executives including CFO, FDs and HoF

Exposure to News Corp worldwide including Australia and Dow Jones

An opportunity to improve and add value to a strong and flexible business that could change the way we make money for years to come.

Opportunity to interact with senior business people

Life and Stories: At News UK, our people are our heart – they are the driving force behind our brand and we want to enable people to thrive. Some of us work flexibly, in different ways. We encourage you to tell us about the changes you want. Most of us work in a hybrid way between one of the News UK & Ireland offices and a remote one.

We stand for diversity and inclusion, we strive to increase and encourage everyone’s potential and ensure that everyone has an important impact. We support this through our Diversity Council, our D&I initiatives and training, by creating diversity content, and our training and education programs. We also have a network of 11 leading users. We are proud to develop our fantastic talent at News UK by supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff. Some of the things we offer include:

Private health insurance covers pre-existing conditions

Free gym memberships, ClassPass at home, weekly virtual HIIT, yoga and running classes

“Bike for Work” Program



Generous pension plan with employee contribution of up to 5%;

30 days of vacation and up to 4 days of voluntary work per year;

Maternity leave of up to 18 weeks of full salary and paternity leave of up to 2 weeks;

A variety of courses are available, plus full access to LinkedIn learning

We want to make sure that everyone we meet has the opportunity to do their best during the interview. Please let us know, at any time, if you need reasonable changes during the recruitment process, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

News UK is an official member of Funding Diversity Journalism, a founder of the Journalism and Disability Forum and a proud member of the Worth 500. At News UK, we will continue to promote an inclusive and diverse workplace, help visually impaired and blind people to create careers in media and make our content more accessible. all. Ministers of Education Nick Gibb and Robert Halfon Are Back.