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How Travel Nursing Empowers a Nurse and Saves Her Career

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Like many nurses, Sarah Gaines was frustrated with being underpaid and overworked in her nursing role as a labor and delivery nurse.

Still, the job has been rewarding for Gaines, who enjoys being at a patient’s bedside. “It’s their most vulnerable time, but it’s also their most powerful time, pregnancy and childbirth,” she says. “Seeing a baby take its first breath in this world is something I do every day. It’s amazing. I love him.”

A Life-changing Decision

It wasn’t until Gaines’ father died of cancer a few years ago — she was his hospice nurse in addition to her regular nursing duties — that she made a life-changing decision: she would travel nurse. He came to this conclusion when he requested a day off after his father’s funeral and the request was denied due to staffing needs. Gaines performed the transplant and had damage to the face of the patient, who had just given birth to a son and was giving the baby to his grandfather. “Instead of sitting and doing something about it and complaining about the severity of the situation,” she says, “when I realized that things weren’t going to change, I changed and went into traveling nursing to get back to work. me.”

You get to choose when you want to work, where you want to work, and how long to do it.

Sarah Gaines

Permission Granted

Gaines, a former nurse for 10 years, worked as a registered nurse for three years and was a mobile nurse for seven years.

“I knew a lot and never looked back. It is absurd because unfortunately many nurses can tell this story, and many nurses have had their problems during this disease,” he said.

These days, overtime is inevitable for nurses in many companies, and it’s exhausting for those who love the job. Gaines encourages healthcare organizations to change their culture and support nurses more effectively, and for nurses to try nursing while traveling.

It’s exciting, he says. “It puts the power back in your hands and puts the power back in your hands as a nurse. You can choose when you want to work, where you want to work and how long you want to work.

While the high pay is a big draw for many travel nurses, Gaines appreciates the flexibility of the job. “It’s really a hidden gem,” he says. “You have the freedom to travel and have your company pay for your accommodation and you can work and do what you see in eyes.”

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A New Opportunity

Being a walk-in nurse is contract-based with no guarantees. While Gaines admits she sometimes gets antagonized by nurse practitioners for being a contractor, she says the anger is misguided.

“My answer to her was, ‘don’t be mad at the travel nurse, because you can do it too. You are angry with the wrong person. The fact that the hospital pays you a lower fee means that you will follow up on the care. Your anger should be at your foundation, not at me.

With a travel nurse, Gaines can take as much time as she wants.

“I think every nurse should take a few months off a year,” she says. “Our work is 먹튀검증 stressful and exhausting physically, emotionally and spiritually, and we need time off.”

He usually works for three months and takes a month off. He said that working nine months a year is the cure for his fatigue. Gaines has more than 20 contracts across the United States. He is currently in Florida, a place of work he chose because he wanted a warm place, in the city and on the beach. For her, every new job as a traveling nurse is rewarding: “It’s a new opportunity and a new experience with every contract.”


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