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War for Talent: Labor Shortages Around the World

Around the world, the “war for talent” continues. Behind this issue hides a real problem at work for the company. But what is behind this “war”? Are these talents everyone fighting for the same thing in Poland and the United States? And how does this situation change behavior? We find out… Talent acquisition: an industry challenge

“There is no miracle solution to talent recruitment and retention, it requires a systematic and coordinated approach.

The battle for talent: a business challenge

The term “talent war” appeared in the late 1990s. It refers to the conflict in the labor market between the lack of resources or different skills and the difficulty for the company to acquire and retain talent. The term “war for talent”, which was first coined by Steven Hankin in 1997, was adopted by three McKinsey partners in a book called “The War for Talent”, published in 2001. But Gilles-Henri Dubouillon, Group VP, Talents & Executive Career Management, finds that the term is wrong, as the “talent war” refers to the shortage of top executives, and now, used for skill shortages at all levels. , including in flat areas and industrial buildings.

This program, which the company receives from time to time, is now reaching its end. Although the health crisis continues, when the restrictions continue and the great economic crisis, the recovery has begun – and it is all over the world. With an 에볼루션게이밍 unexpected result: in many countries, in different regions, companies are struggling to bring in some talent, hold them and keep them.

Unemployment: A Global Problem

Competition is fierce in Eastern Europe, for example, especially in the Czech Republic and Poland, two highly developed countries. Border closures due to health concerns have restricted immigration from neighboring countries. The result is real unemployment and inefficiency in the industry. So how do you invite local, underqualified but in-demand employees? Because if the salary level is the way to attract them, it is not enough to keep them.

On the other hand, Western Europe is experiencing a shortage of jobs among self-employed workers. Due to lack of training and professional problems, small companies are currently struggling to recruit new employees. Since these professionals are important for a group like Saint-Gobain, the company has decided to set up a training program to teach the profession. In the United States, there has been a great deal of interest in industrial work. Employees often prefer jobs in logistics or even customer service. Jobs as couriers, drivers and call center workers are on the rise.

This is demonstrated by the success that attracts many young people thanks to the increasing number of e-commerce logistics platforms, such as that of Amazon. There is also a serious shortage of skills in other planning areas, which is causing serious problems. New jobs have emerged following the explosion of Big Data, for example, and the awareness of companies of their environmental, ethical and social responsibility, and data science, cybersecurity and CSR require new partners when all. . It’s not always easy because… most of these (future) experts are still training in classrooms and workshops!

Retention and Loyalty: How to Win the War

While recruiting is the main focus of the war for talent, growing employees and supporting their development are important factors in attracting talent. “In a good job market for candidates, you will have a position! Gilles-Henri Dubouillon explains, that financial considerations are not the only ones that are asked. The principles of the company, its ethics, work with society and a positive impact on the planet is also a strong argument for attracting the younger generation. And, once on board, the induction process, working conditions and culture included are important to retain them, such as career development and migration. “At Saint-Gobain, we support the development of a TEC (Trust, Empowerment, Collaboration) culture, combined with commitment and commitment to management to retain talent.

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The meaning, values ​​and raison d’être of the company are also strong arguments for the employer brand. “The contribution and positive impact on the planet that Saint-Gobain seeks to achieve with its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, and its raison d’être, to make the world a better place to live, is a strong argument for employees keep us. employees, especially peers,” adds Gilles-Henri Dubouillon. New hires

This shortage of jobs and skills indicates a change in the way people are employed. How to be more attractive – both in terms of employees or new professionals – in the highly competitive job market, everywhere in the world? By going a bit further down the traditional drive route. An example is the commissioning, in the first quarter of 2022, of the wind power plant located in Le Havre, France, by Siemens Gamesa, with which it will carry out large-scale projects.

Instead of the traditional combination of CV and cover letter, recruitment is selected through simulation. Its purpose is to test the candidates in similar situations that they may encounter in their future positions. The advantage of this system is that it evaluates the potential of the candidate instead of their qualifications and experience, which makes it possible to identify profiles that will not be selected through the recruitment process.

Although executives remain the best way to find talent for management positions, Saint-Gobain has chosen to innovate in recruiting middle-level employees, who are young. With the digital explosion, the company decided to change its process by creating a group of recruiters specialized in social media. Talent Acquisition Teams have been established in many countries and across the Group’s businesses. They identify and communicate with future employers through online job platforms.

At the same time, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that was specially developed for the group will be used in the first stage of recruiting future leaders and managers of Unilever’s biggest products. In order to promote diversity and focus on their abilities and skills, CVs and names of candidates are not disclosed. The Basics of Influencer in Marketing

The only thing that matters is the candidate’s ability to pass the survey questions, video interviews and simulate a “day in the office” at Unilever. The AI ​​process takes care of these three processes. Only then should meetings be held with managers, to save time and improve efficiency.

The Focus is on Local Roots

In any case, to be able to get a job in the middle of the talent war, “supporting the company and the region” is important, said Gilles-Henri Dubouillon. “We must be in schools, universities and training centers and welcome interns, teachers and students to promote our organization and its values ​​for the younger generation. Recruiting and recruitment in the region are responsible for the recruitment of hard work”, explains the VP.

“You can never have enough talent!” concluded Gilles-Henri Dubouillon. “The worst situation for a company is not having enough human resources to increase its growth. Without human resources, there is no growth! he adds strongly. Tomorrow, companies will raise the challenge of developing new skills, in order to anticipate the constant search for young talent … whose natural profile varies according to market and country.