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The Best Bitcoin Baccarat Game to Play in 2022

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Top 5 Crypto Baccarat Games

On this page, we will feature the most popular Bitcoin baccarat games offered by almost every popular online casino.

Baccarat light

With more people and more emotions, Lightning Baccarat is a high-octane live baccarat game that upholds tradition and makes the event even more exciting. The basic concept will not be difficult for you to understand if you play baccarat regularly. You have to choose which side, the player or the banker, will win the round by holding the hand value closest to 9. Once the bets are settled, the Lightning round is played. In this special round, five cards are randomly selected from 52 digital cards. These are called Lightning cards and they are automatically assigned 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x multiplier values. You can take advantage of these increased benefits if your hand includes one of the Lightning cards drawn and your bet succeeds. If you have other cards that are compatible with Lightning cards, you will get a big reward from the increase. In addition, the player’s path and the banker’s path are the same as the second bet in Lightning Baccarat. If the first two cards add up for the player or the banker, respectively, they pay. 바카라사이트

Baccarat Super 8

One of the strengths of Pragmatic Play is the selection of live casino games. The manufacturer also offers a large selection of baccarat tables, with Super 8 Baccarat being one of the more recent additions. A well presented table with excellent background and betting controls that provide all the required information about bets and payouts is what players can expect. Video and audio are the best possible. Super 8 Baccarat is similar to other live Bitcoin baccarat tables, but it puts a different twist on the classic game. Players can get big rewards on the main bet, while others add more interest. According to the rules of the game, the player or the banker will get a hand close to nine. The rewards and rules of Super 8 Baccarat are the same as the standard game. The new Super 8 side bet is a major change. Participants can bet on the player, the banker and the tie as their three betting options, while the many attractive bets ensure that there is never a dull moment. Even without betting on the main game, betting on all sides is possible.

Baccarat party

One of Ezugi’s newest Spanish baccarat tables is called Fiesta Baccarat. To be completely clear, this is a live casino game in Spanish. Its presentation, graphics and gameplay were adapted to the intended audience. This means that there will be continuous Latin American music mixed with a relaxed atmosphere. Simply put, this new bitcoin baccarat game from Ezugi is designed to be a relaxing and fun experience.

Tiger Tiger

Asian players love the simple version of Baccarat known as Dragon Tiger. They bet that both hands will have higher value depending on the cards dealt in each hand. Standard Dragon and Tiger bets pay the same amount. The option tie bet pays 11:1 regardless of the card suit with the same rank while you get back 50% of your initial bet. If the winning cards are of the same rank and suit, the matched bet pays 50:1 and gives you back 50% of your initial investment. Two large glass tiger statues are among the many Chinese symbols found in this very beautiful decoration. Players can predict the outcome of the next round using the game interface, which provides different information about the methods like those in Baccarat games. Game features include audio and visual controls, full game rules, a choice between view and 3D modes and the ability to talk to the dealer, as with all Evolution Live Dealer products. For the main Dragon/Tiger bet, the ideal RTP is 96.27%.

Bac Bo

A hybrid dealer casino game called Bac Bo by Evolution combines Sic Bo and Baccarat. Comparing two dice systems works on the basic idea of ​​baccarat, which is to compare the hands with two cards. One pair of dice is labeled “Player” and the other “Banker” and placed in an automated shaker. During the fifteen seconds of betting, the dice start shaking at the same time but stop at different times. They are compared as soon as they stop shaking to see who wins. Your goal when playing Bac Bo Live for real money is to guess which hand will have the highest dice total. You have the same options as in the classic baccarat game: player, banker and tie. The most different bets depend on the live casino you play at. First, die next to the player to stop shaking. When the dead person next to the banker stops shaking, the other person is compared to death.


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